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Project 1
Task 1a
Lexical Analysis of SPL
Task specification in PDF (printable on paper)
Lexical Analysis of SPL
Task specification in PPS (for viewing on screen)
Task 1b
Syntax Analysis of SPL
Task specification in PDF (printable on paper)
Syntax Analysis of SPL
Task specification in PPS (for viewing on screen)
Project 2

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Many computing or computer science degree programmes include at least one module where students are required to design abstract computing machines to recognise words in given languages. These kinds of design tasks are difficult to teach and to learn. This research study focused on the easiest of these design tasks and was an initial attempt to understand the types of mistakes that students make when designing Finite Automata words in given regular languages.


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THIS WEB PAGE IS THE STUDY GUIDE for COS341: COMPILER CONSTRUCTION. Please carefully take note of all further announcements which will appear on this web page! In COS341 we follow ...

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