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Module Content

Additional Material (8KB)
Additonal library files (15KB)
Example of clipping in WebGL (16KB)
Source code for Chapter 6 (182KB)
Source code for Chapter 7
COS344-final-marks.xlsx (160KB)
Final marks
cos344-marks.xls (18KB)
cos344-marks-18May2015.xls (30KB)
Marks as on 18 May 2015
COS344StudyGuide2015.pdf (339KB)
Study guide - 6 February 2015
cos344-assignment3.pdf (235KB)
Spec for final assignment
cos344-assignment1.pdf (252KB)
Spec of first assignment
cos344-assignment2.pdf (250KB)
Spec of second assignment
Class tests
classtest1-memo.pdf (195KB)
Memo for 1st class test
Lecture5 - Transformations.pdf (352KB)
Notes of 5th lecture
Lecture6Transformations.pdf (1539KB)
Notes of lecture 6
Lecture3 - Geometric Objects and Transformations.pdf (871KB)
Slides of 3rd lecture
Lecture4 - Geometric Objects and Transformations.pdf (864KB)
Slides of 4th lecture
Lecture1 - Graphic Systems and Models.pdf (892KB)
Slides of first lecture
Lecture10 - Viewing.pdf (999KB)
Slides of lecture 10
Lecture11 - TextureMapping.pdf (1745KB)
Slides of lecture 11
Lecture12 - TextureMapping.pdf (995KB)
Slides of lecture 12
Lecture13 - TextureMapping.pdf (746KB)
Slides of lecture 13
Lecture14 - LightingAndShading.pdf (1073KB)
Slides of lecture 14
Lecture16 - LightingAndShading.pdf (905KB)
Slides of lecture 16
Lecture18 - Clipping.pdf (1082KB)
Slides of lecture 18
Lecture20 - Rasterization.pdf (856KB)
Slides of Lecture 20
Lecture21 - PolygonRasterization.pdf (645KB)
Slides of Lecture 21
Lecture7 - Viewing.pdf (1278KB)
Slides of lecture 7
Lecture8 - Viewing.pdf (705KB)
Slides of lecture 8
Lecture9 - Viewing.pdf (994KB)
Slides of lecture 9
Lecture2 - Graphics Systems and Models.pdf (735KB)
Slides of second lecture
Lecture22 - HiddenSurfaceRemoval.pdf (904KB)
Slides on hidden-surface-removal used in the video
Video_OddEvenTest.MOV (167756KB)
Video explaining odd-even test
Video_HiddenSurfaceRemoval.mp4 (25677KB)
Video explaining the hidden-surface-removal (70KB)
Videos in slides of lecture 7
glMatrix-0.9.5.min.js (13KB)
JavaScript file required for practical 1
prac1-spec.pdf (328KB)
Spec for practical 1
prac2-spec.pdf (223KB)
Spec for practical 2
prac3-spec.pdf (260KB)
Spec for practical 3
glMatrix-0.9.5.min.js (13KB)
External library
webgl-utils.js (6KB)
External library
leaves.png (127KB)
Image of leaves
multiTextures2.png (70KB)
Image of multiple images
prac4-spec.pdf (260KB)
Spec for practical 4
Prac5 (16KB)
Files required for Practical 5
prac5-spec.pdf (371KB)
Spec for Practical 5
prac6-spec.pdf (287KB)
Spec for Practical 6

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Module Description

The aim of this module is to acquire a sound knowledge of the basic theory of interactive
computer graphics and basic computer graphics programming techniques. The theory will cover graphics...

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