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Module Content

Lecture Slides
Lecture 8
Slides of lecture 8
Videos contained in slides of lecture 8
Lecture 9
Lecture 9 Part I
Viewing - Positioning of the camera
Lecture 9 Part II
Viewing - Positioning of the camera and projections (orthogonal and oblique)
Class notes
Hand-written notes that were written on the board during class
Lecture 10
Lecture 10
Perspective projections
Class notes
Hand-written notes that were written on the board during class
Lecture 11
Lecture 11
Lighting demo
Illustrates ambient lighting and point source lights
Lecture 1
Graphics Systems and Models
Lecture 2
Graphics Systems and Models (cont.)
Lecture 3
Geometric Objects and Transformations
Lecture 4
Geometric Objects and Transformations (cont.)
Lecture 5 Part I
Illustrates the need for changing between various coordinate systems
Lecture 5 Part II
Changing coordinate systems using homogeneous coordinates
Lecture 6
Transformations - scaling and shearing
Lecture 12
Notes on Phong model
Lecture 13
Shading approaches: simple, smooth or Gouraud, and Phong
Lecture 14
Texture mapping
Lecture 15
Texture mapping
Lecture 17
Texture mapping and environment mapping
Lecture 18
Texture mapping and bump mapping
Lecture 16
Bump mapping
Study guide
Study guide for COS344
Query form
Query form
Marks of EO1, EO2, Assignment 1 and Assignment 2
Final project marks
Marks of final project.
Marks May
Final marks.
Additional Material
Lecture 6
Rotating cube
WebGL code to rotate a cube
Video that demonstrates the transformations in WebGL
Phong model vectors
Calculation of reflection vector
Calculation of reflection vector
Source code
Source code of textbook
Common files
Common files used by source code in textbook
First part
First part of the prac
Second part
Second part of prac
Spec for practical 2
Spec for prac 3
Spec for prac 3
Specification of Prac 4
Leaves texture
Leaves texture
Texture that contains many textures
Spec part 1
Spec for the first part of the prac
Spec part 2
Spec for the second part of the prac
Files required for the prac
Source code
Files for prac6
Assignment 1 Specification
Specification for Assignment 1. Assignment 1 is on transformations and interaction.
Assignment 2 Specification
Specification for Assignment 2. Assignment 2 is on viewing and lighting.
Final project specification
Specification of the final project
Mark allocation
Mark allocation for the final project
Advertisements for open day
CSIR bursary for honours
CSIR bursary for honours. Deadline is 19 June.
CSIR vacation work
CSIR vacation work. Deadline is 30 May.

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The aim of this module is to acquire a sound knowledge of the basic theory of interactive computer graphics and basic computer graphics programming techniques. The theory will cov...

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