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Vreda Pieterse
Curriculum Vitae


B.Sc (Computer Science, Mathematics), University of Pretoria (1975)
HED (Postgraduate), University of Pretoria (1976)
Hons-B.Sc (Mathematics), University of South-Africa (1984)
M.Sc. (Computer Science) Cum Laude, University of Pretoria (1997)

Programming Experience

I started programming in 1974 when I attended a programming course in PL/I as part of my B.Sc. degree at the University of Pretoria. I soon found myself working at the help desk in the Computer Center, assisting other students with various programming languages including COBOL, FORTRAN and APL.

During part-time employment at the Department of Planning at IBM (1975), I gained experience in BASIC and implemented the then new idea of structured programming.

In a freelance capacity, I developed small to medium systems for individuals, using various development tools and languages. I used different versions of BASIC, including Applesoft BASIC, QBASIC, and other languages such as Pascal, Delphi and Visual BASIC. I also developed systems using database tools such as DBase IV, Paradox and Access

As part of my academic development I programmed in a wide variety of languages, including ASM, APL, Pilot, Layout, Logo, Smalltalk, LISP, Prolog and Gofer.

For my M.Sc. thesis I investigated Literate Programming, visualization of programs, Visual Programming, Integrated Programming Environments and Hypermedia. I concluded that the technology existed to develop a powerful, versatile and highly usable integrated programming environment, which could be utilised for true Literate Programming using visual object-oriented programming languages.

Internet developments and my interest in programming as part of web design exposed me to using Java, JavaScript, CGI, Applets, Servelets, ODBC, JSP, PHP and Flash.

While working on my PhD thesis I developed a benchmarking system to experiment with algorithms that are implemented in C++. I used Qt for the interface implementation. The work included the use of boost libraries.

Teaching Experience

I started teaching in 1976 in Windhoek. I teached Mathematics in the senior secondary phase and Bookkeeping in the junior secondary phase. Within my third year of teaching I was promoted to acting head of the science department at the Augutinium State Training School. Besides my responsibilities as head of the department I teached Mathemetics in the senior secondary phase. In January 1981 I was appointed as a lecturer in Mathematics at the Windhoek Onderwyskollege.

After I was envolved in some research at the Human Science Research Council, I took a break to raise my children before comming back to teaching as a Computer Studies teacher at the Bethlehem Computer Centre. I teached programming in the senior secondary phase using Pascal as programming Language. I also trained teachers and other adult learners in the use of various application programs including Ventura, Framework III, DBase IV, CompuRoster, OVSFIN and OVSAD, the latter two are custom made applications used in all Free State government schools for school finance and administration.

As lecturer at the Onderwyskollege Pretoria I presented programming courses in Pascal, Java and Delphi. I was also responsible for the development and presentation of various computer literacy courses such as the following:
Word-processing:WordPerfect (version 5.1 to 8), MS Word 5, MS Word 97 and MS Word 2000.
Spreadsheets:Quattro Pro 4.0 to 8, Excel 5, Excel 97 and Excel 2000.
Presentation applications:Corel Draw 4, DrawPerfect 2, WordPerfect Presentations 4, Corel Presentations 6 to 8, Print Artist, PowerPoint 97 and PowerPoint 2000, MS Publisher 98, MS Publisher 2000.
Databases:Filing Assistant, Paradox 3 to 8, Access 97 and Access 2000.
E-mail and Internet:Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, Outlook Express and Pegasus Mail.
Web Authoring:HTML, HotMeTaL Pro 4, FrontPage 97 and FrontPage 2000.

As lecturer at the University of Pretoria I have presented courses the following areas:

Software Engineering:
The software engineering process and an appreciation of its complexity and difficulties; methodologies for tackling different stages of the software lifecycle; an awareness of supporting software tools to assist in the implementation and control of projects under development; trends in software engineering, including rapid and evolutionary methods; and an appreciation of the responsibilities associated with a variety of roles within a team as well as the advantages and problems of working in a team.
Design Patterns:
The theory and implementation of design patterns, in order to write modular and re-usable code. Popular object-oriented languages are used as implementation medium.
Introduction to Computer Science:
Introduction Discovery, design and efficiency of Algorithms, Binary Numbers, Boolean Logic and Gates, Overview of various Computer Science topics including New Technologies, User Interface design principles and Social and Legal issues.
Introduction to Program Design:
Design and implementation of object-oriented solutions to software problems. In various stages different programming languages such as Delphi, Java, C and C++ has been used as vehicle to teach the ideas.
Netcentric Computing:
Applets, Threads, Scripting, Servelets, RMI, XML, JSP and Database connectivity with MS Access and MySQL
Operating Systems:
Fundamental concepts of modern operating systems in terms of their structure and the mechanisms they use. Design issues of process management, deadlock, memory management, input/output management, file systems and security.
Programming Languages:
The characteristics of the most important kinds of programming languages. Programming paradigms such as imperative, functional, logic and object oriented are investigated.

Previous Employment

Organisation:Onderwyskollege Pretoria
Post held:Lecturer (January, 1993 to June 2001)
Organisation:Bethlehem Computer Centre
Post held:Teaching Advisor (July, 1990 to December, 1992)
Organisation:Pieterse Family
Post held:Home maker (January, 1984 to June, 1990)
Organisation:Human Science Research Council
Post held:Senior Researcher (January, 1982 to December, 1983)
Organisation:Windhoek Onderwyskollege
Post held:Lecturer (January, 1981 to December, 1981)
Organisation:Augustineum State Training School, Windhoek
Post held:Teacher and later Acting Head of Department (January, 1978 to December, 1980)
Organisation:Academia Secondary School, Windhoek
Post held:Teacher (January, 1977 to December, 1977)