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Brute Force Split Bill Split Bill is a cross-platform mobile application that serves to ease the process of splitting a restaurant bill when eating out with friends. Using OCR technology and the mobile camera, the app allows multiple users to join the session and on their own phones to claim, edit, add and delete items on the bill. The app shows the total of the user's claims and calculates a tip, completely removing the need for financial mathematics after a friendly meal.
Imperium Resolver Resolver is a SAT solver, or a scientific tool for finding solutions for boolean formulae. If a problem can be encoded as a boolean formula, solutions can automatically be found by the software. This is done using a state-of-the-art genetic algorithm and other heuristics. This software allows solving of complex problems in classical planning, automatic theorem proving and hardware and software verification.
Valknut Software Engineering VR Presentation Valknut Software Engineering have created an innovative way to allow users to be able to make their own presentations inside of a 3D environment. A user can manipulate any object in the scene, import their own media content, record the scene as a 360 video and view it using a VR headset. In order to achieve this, our team used the Unity game engine as a platform to allow us to create the software, as well as the Visual studio IDE (C# scripts) and HTC Vive headset (view project in VR).
Albert Prime Odin Project Odin is a computational graphing tool intended for the design, development and evaluation of mathematical models. These models can also be saved as their own components which can then be incorporated into new models.
Panda Inc Active Dayz Application A mobile application which will be used by Momentum Multiply clients to improve the manner in which they are able to receive an Active Dayz reward. Users who spend a predetermined amount of time in one of Multiply's gym partners will receive their Active Day reward and this process which will be facilitated through the use of our application and its interaction with Estimote's tracking beacons. The application also contains gamification features involving social activities such as Leader-boards
The inevitables NavUP Similar to existing navigation applications such as Google Maps and Waze, the NavUP is a standalone mobile application that acts as a campus navigation system for students both with and without visual disabilities. The system consists of visual navigation using mobile networks, WiFi and GPS to provide accurate outdoor and indoor navigation, and a machine vision section which reads fiducial markers to help orient the visually disabled using auditory feedback.
Absolute|0| voxc.js Voxc.js is a lightweight, easy to use library for converting voxel objects into JavaScript matrixes for easy manipulation. These matrixes can then be used for creating more meshes that have different goals. Some real-life applications of this library includes MRI scans, cellular automata and 3D gaming and apps.
Loop ReVA Your Revolutionary Vitality Analyser(ReVA) is an IoT Homecare System developed for EPI-USE Advance. If your loved one is bed ridden, then ReVA will keep you updated on their condition no matter where you are. Doctors, care givers and family will be notified if the patient's vitals display dangerous readings. ReVA is comprised of a small in home computer that gathers information from medical devices and stores it in a Cassandra database. These results can then be viewed on an android application.
Java the Hutts Hutts Verification Hutts Verification is a Web API that performs electronic ID verification. The primary purpose of the system is to reduce the time it takes to fill in personal information forms in Hospitals and verify the identity of the patient providing those details. This is done by utilising various Computer Vision and Facial Recognition techniques to extract the details from a photo of an ID document, as well as verifying it against pre-existing information. Since the target users for the system are develop
Tech-Titans Caracal Math Auto-Grader Caracal Math-Auto Grader is an educational system used to automate the grading of math papers. The system allows a lecturer/teacher to have about 30 math scripts graded in approximately 5 minutes, this effectively reduces the effort and time used to grade the papers manually. The grading process uses an Optical Character Recognition(OCR) API which can pick up almost any student's handwriting. The system also allows students to practice past papers and tutorials which can be set up by a teacher
HackSlash CS_UP Big Data: Trendi Trendi is essentially a platform for data analysis. Once complete, the vision for the system is to be a tool to both eliminate the grunt work of a low level data scientist as well as giving users with a limited data science background access to a powerful, easy to use, data analysis toolbox. The user can upload their data to the system and then perform flexible analysis from simple counts, averages and plots to complex insights into the data based on machine learning trend identification.
KumLadi Buzz The platform is a discussion forum aimed at providing a space where users can collaborate on topics of interest. Users can pose questions to the community. Through collaboration the quality of questions and answers on the platform will improve and as a result the user benefits from the community and is able to help others. To promote collaboration and continued interest, features of gamification are applied to the platform to encourage users to contribute and participate in forum activities.
Code 9 Project Managment System The Project Management System is a web based application created to be used by corporate businesses for managing company projects. The system is built for project management, offering features such as: project creation, project overview, project analytics and calendar views for multiple projects. Other services offered by the project management system include employee profiles which track analytics on past projects, an internal web based notification system which co-aligns with an email notifica
NewGen Leaders Time-Series-Prediction The Time-Series-Prediction system is used to enter, view, and edit student marks. It includes a prediction system that uses the student marks to make predictions on the outcomes of their results at the end of the semester. These predictions are used by lecturers to identify students who need extra help to pass the semester. The ultimate goal of the system is to improve student results. The system aims to improve the manner in which teaching assistants, tutors and lecturers record marks.
#include CGIS Map Production Our GIS Map Production System makes use of design patterns to enable users to efficiently and effectively generate thematic maps from VERY BIG datasets. Very little knowledge is required to use our software successfully. With zero install-time and minimal user-input, users can quickly, easily, and effortlessly generate thematic maps such as heat, choropleth, proportional symbol, and dot density. The modular design allows for easy maintenance and extensions to the Map Production System.
The Marvelous Ducks The Map Plotting System The Map Plotting System is a mobile application that aids farmers with risk management. The application does this by providing functionality to plot farm sections. The application then uses this data to calculate the size of the plotted farm in hectares. This is then integrated with a set of calculations to determine the farmers break-even points. The technologies used for the development of this application include: Xamarin, SQLite, OAuth 2 and Microsoft Visual Studio.
App-Synth V3D Digraph Visualizer The V3D Digraph Visualizer is a tool used to visualize digraphs in a 3D virtual reality environment. Users can also interact with the graph. This is done using an on-screen reticle. Possible interactions include moving, adding and removing nodes from the graph. Our app is powered by the Unity game engine and the Google Cardboard SDK
Cerebero eCivix Election Simulator eCivix Election Simulator is a web based game that aims t teach users how the South African election system works from a political party's point of view. The goal is to win the national election which takes careful strategic planning and an understanding of why people vote for a particular party. eCivix Election Simulator uses real statistics to simulate a realistic and accurate election campaign. Expand your knowledge on the Constitution, electoral procedures, systems and politics of South A
CodeX Reroute Purchase Management System This project forms part of the Reroute Purchase Management System, an application mainly active in the pharmaceutical space. It entails the use of Big Data, specifically a database including a massive number of products. Team Code X has developed a system with the ability to perform efficient searches using a database system called Zizo, that identifies patterns in the data set, compressing this data which allows it to be loaded into memory, resulting in lightning fast queries. Additionally
ProCoder Benchmarking Service ProCoders work on the project of Benchmarking service. This service will be web-based application which is used to test the functionality of the users algorithm. The aim of this service is to allow the users know their algorithms before using them in their application. This algorithm is useful many areas of development which requires the developer to chose between multiple algorithms. Example supposed the user want to choose between two search algorithm, with Benchmarking service the user just c
Sponsor Prize Winner Description Logo
EPI-USE Innovation R 12000 The Inevitibles EPI-USE deliver value through innovation. They value passion and imagination. To qualify for this prize the project should be highly advanced; innovative or pioneering.
Kindle Technologies Fit for Purpose R 20000 The Inevitibles The Fit for purpose prize will be awarded to the team that shows the best insight into the real world problem domain and most effectively combined this knowledge with their technical skills to model and develop a software solution that accurately and efficiently addresses the real world requirements, both functional and non-functional.
EOH: A microsoft Partner User Experience R 12000 Loop User experience design (UX, UXD, UED or XD) is the process of enhancing user satisfaction with a product by improving the usability, accessibility, and pleasure provided in the interaction with the product. To qualify for this prize the project should not only have the most aesthetic user interface, it should more importantly pay attention to the totality of the end-user's precept ions as they interact with the product, including the enhancement of user effectiveness, efficiency and emotional satisfaction.
GEW Software Engineering Excellence R 15000 Java the Hutts To qualify the team should have a culture of software engineering excellence. This can be observed when evaluating how they make things -- coding standards, reviews, design patterns, etc; how they operate -- planning, monitoring, data integrity, etc.; how they function as a team -- values, team structure, transparency, etc.
Qode Health (Pty) Ltd Triple Bottom Line R 15000 Loop This prize will be awarded to the project that has the highest Social, Health or Environmental impact. The project will be evaluated on the impact it has on the lives of people, whether through a social intervention; increasing health care outcomes or standards or through support to the natural environment.
Entelect Architectural Awareness R 12000 Hackslash Software architecture refers to the high level structures of a software system. Candidates for this prize should convince the judges that their system design is based on appropriate software design patterns to ensure the compliance with the quality requirements of their system.
Retrorabbit Algorithmic Innovation R 18000 Imperium Algorithmics forms the underpinnings of computer science. It is about designing correct, efficient and implementable algorithms for real-world problems. This prize will be awarded to the team who applied the most brilliant algorithmic ideas to address scalability and efficiency issues.
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