[UPDATE: 21-MAY-2014]
STEFAN GRUNER: Letter to my Students at the University of Pretoria  

My involvement with this department dates back to the year 2001 when I was
chosen to serve as the department's very first External PhD Examiner under
the chairmanship of Roelf van den Heever and Derrick Kourie. I reported on
the PhD Thesis of Marlene Ross, who was the first PhD Candidate after this
department had been formally established by the Universiteit van Pretoria.
Since my actual arrival at the department (July 2006) I have been involved
in the teaching various subjects, such as:
-- Compiler Construction,
-- Component-based and Service-oriented Software Development,
-- Data Structures and Algorithms,
-- Design Patterns,
-- Distributed Systems,
-- Formal Aspects of Computing,
-- Introduction to Computer Science,
-- Methodology of Science and Research,
-- Operating Systems,
-- Programming Paradigms and Semantics,
-- Requirements Engineering,
-- Software Engineering,
-- Software Testing.

Within the Republic of South Africa I have acted as external examiner for
various universities such as Johannesburg, Witwatersrand and Stellenbosch.
I have the academic privilege to supervise project students at all levels:
undergraduate, honours (South Africa), masters, and doctoral. From time to
time I was lucky enough to be able to mentor postdoctoral research fellows
in my research group as well.

My interests are Software Engineering, Formal Methods, Distributed Systems
as well as Transdisciplinary Studies. For project students, at all levels,
I have some interesting project offers, in several subject fields.

Master's and Doctoral Projects:
The topics of these types of advanced projects can be defined individually
by the candidates as long as they fit into the framework of my group, SSFM
(System Specifications and Formal Methods) http://ssfm.cs.up.ac.za/

Throughout the year I am offering voluntary seminars and special interest
groups (outside the official curriculum) for keen students. In past years
we had, for example,

Those seminars were based on the following two books that are recommended
highly to every computer science student:

If you are interested in participation, then please contact me about date
and time and venue of those seminars. My room is IT-4-40 on the 4th floor.

I have no problems with meeting my students on equal terms, provided that
that the work gets done. Click on my photo, to email me about your plans!

Best wishes,
---Stefan G.