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COS783 - Digital forensics and investigations

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This module will teach the basic theoretical concepts of digital forensic investigations. This module is designed to prepare a student for a wide range of people including, but not limited to, law enforcers, crime investigators and people responsible for internal incident investigations in larger organisations. Digital forensics is a relatively new and upcoming field. It is a field that is not well known by most organisations and therefore, such organisations are ill informed about the digital forensic processes required to conduct a successful digital forensic investigation. The large number of digital devices used to commit crimes or other related incidents, such as fraud and corruption, proved motivation for this module in order to investigate and combat these incidents successfully. The main topics covered, but not limited to, include: An introduction to Digital Forensics; Digital forensic processes; Hardware forensics; Digital forensics tools (software forensics); Forensic readiness; A digital forensics laboratory/facility; Network forensics; Live forensics; Professionalism and ethics in digital forensics; Cyber forensics; Cyber law. Students will be challenged to contribute innovative research ideas in the field of Digital Forensics by completing a number of mini projects such as writing research papers and writing software programs.

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