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University of Pretoria participated in the Catalyst Coding Contest

On the 27th of April, the University of Pretoria participated in the Catalyst Coding Contest (CCC) for a second time. 25 students from UP participated in this international competition. A total of 2500 coders from universities and industry partook in the CCC. The participants came from 40 cities in 19 different countries.

Most UP teams performed better than last year. However, Ulrik de Muelenaere stood out. Ulrik won the CCC for a second consecutive time. Only two teams, Ulrik and a team from Romania, were able to solve the problems and advance to level 6 in the allocated 4 hours. Since Ulrik solved the problems a lot faster than the Romanian team, he emerged as victor.

The University of Pretoria and the Department of Computer Science would like to congratulate Ulrik for his excellent performance and wish him all the best for the other competitions lying ahead.
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