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  • Opening: Post Doctoral Fellowship

A post doctoral fellowship opportunity has opened in the DigiForS research group

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An post doctoral fellowship opening has become available in the DigiForS research group.

DigForS Research group at the Department of Computer Science of University of Pretoria undertakes research in Digital Forensic Science. DigiForS’s main objective is to find innovative security solutions for state-of-the-art technologies. This includes finding solutions that will help to make emerging technologies safe for use, using security technologies to enable new applications, find solutions that will better protect existing technology, as well as extracting forensically relevant information. Emerging problem areas receiving attention include: digital forensics, distributed trust and security issues in pervasive computing. More established problem areas in which work is ongoing include: privacy, vulnerability scanning, intrusion detection, database and workflow security, as well as a host of related areas. As well as collaborating very closely with industry, the DigiForS research team also collaborates with researchers in various countries such as UK, Germany, Switzerland, USA, Kenya, Swaziland, Namibia and Malaysia.

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More information regarding the post can be found in the accompanying document here: More Information